The Objective of Unilateral Ceasefire is Clear, the Response is Swift

July 4, 2021   


Following the declaration of the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the federal government of Ethiopia in the Tigray state, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the beginning of this week gave deep explanation of the objective of the ceasefire enacted by his government.

Speaking to journalists on an occasion organized to recognize their contribution to the 6th general election, Premier Abiy said that the major objective of law enforcement operation that was carried out in Tigray State was aimed at neutralizing the TPLF Junta, recapturing armaments and freeing national army attacked by the terrorist group.

“We have successfully accomplished the recapture and withdrawal of armaments and other military property that were seized by TPLF clique. We are now in a good position to protect the sovereignty of the nation from any external threat”.

The unilateral ceasefire was enacted considering different things expected to benefit the people of Tigray in particular and the people of Ethiopia in general, he added.

Premier said: “Withdrawal of the army and the decision to the unilateral ceasefire also gives an opportunity to the community to identify differences between the national army and the Junta and thereby decide what to do next”.

The national army took the blame of the TPLF Junta instead of being appreciated for what it has done to protect the community, premier underlined according to the Prime Minister.

The ceasefire is an important step in easing external pressure. International organizations and many countries have welcomed the decision of federal government, said Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Ambassador Dina Mufti in a weekly press conference held on Thursday.

The tendency of different countries and international organizations to pressurize the Ethiopian government has eased immediately after the declaration of the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, he added.

Ethiopia’s reliable supporters have successfully countered the agendas of some countries in European Union and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to intervene in the internal affairs of the country. “The ceasefire has now proved successful and it easing immediately after the declaration of unilateral ceasefire.

The ceasefire considered the objectives of the law enforcement operation, survival of the nation, concerns of the people of Tigray, and the international community. During the operation the government aimed to neutralize TPLF militarily, recapture or destroy looted ammunition, set Ethiopian troops free from TPLF, and hold criminals accountable for their impunity. In this regard, the government met the objectives, and despite the terrorist group’s propaganda. TPLF is no longer an existential threat to the well-being of the nation, according to him.

The army was fighting with a uniformed and a more coordinated force during the law enforcement period. But after the operation was concluded, things changed and the military faced with protracted insurgencies supported by communities in the region. The major operation did not take the government more than 20 days, he said.

The federal government which has invested money, time, labor and lives of the troops to spare the people in the region has not got anything in reward. “We are not now facing any other threat from that region like the previous years. TPLF is no longer a threat to Ethiopia. We have other businesses at hand to give priority in other parts of the country. Therefore, we have to save our money, workforce and armament,” he said.

Although TPLF’s capacity to launch conventional war was neutralized within three weeks and many insurgents were decimated through time, the government declared the ceasefire because the Ethiopian army was not ready to exchange fires with people in Tigray who have been misled by the ethnically charged propaganda of the TPLF, Prime Minister Abiy added.

On the other hand, the ceasefire would help the people of Tigray to have undisturbed time for agricultural activities during the rainy seasons. Although TPLF is irresponsible, the government should not be tempted to go through the stubborn stance of TPLF and continue fighting in the midst of food insecurity.

The government has observed that there were too many attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and weaken the state under the disguise of what they call solving the “crisis” in Ethiopia. Regarding this, the unilateral ceasefire is also an attempt to address the major concerns of the international community with regard to access to the region, and the withdrawal of Eritrean troops.

Now that the government has declared unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the international community now is expected to scale up much-needed humanitarian support to the people of Tigray and give due attention to the recent TPLF bravado belittling the ceasefire and threatening to launch attacks against the Amhara region and Eritrea.

Head of the Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Aregawi Berhe (PhD) said that the unilateral ceasefire enacted by the federal government gives an opportunity for the people of Tigray to think and analyses their possible choice. The government declares the ceasefire considering the situation in the region and the decision will clear confusion created among the people of Tigray, he added.

The withdrawal of the army and the unilateral ceasefire are important in giving an opportunity for the people of Tigray to identify differences between the national army and the Junta and decide their choice.”

After the withdrawal of federal troops from the state, the people of Tigray are facing violence orchestrated by the TPLF terrorist group. “I believe that the people of Tigray will understand the benefit of the unilateral ceasefire enacted by the federal government after analyzing the situation in the region and the benefit of the presence of the federal troops from the region.

This is a time, where the people of Tigray reconsider the situation in the state and stand on the side of the Ethiopian government.

TPLF terrorist group is committing crime in Tigray State. It is also collaborating with anti-peace elements by hiding itself in the forest and continued in confusing the people of Tigray after the federal troops withdrawn from the region claiming that it retook Mekelle, the state’s capital.

He said that the criminal groups continued in robbing public property and killing civilian who are not supporting the group. The people of the state are responsible in denouncing the act of the terrorist group.

The people of Tigray region need to join hand in fighting against the terrorist group and free themselves from the damage and robbery the groups caused against the people. The people of Tigray region need to know that the group doesn’t reflect the interest of the people. They should know that the terrorist rather prioritizes its own interest. By doing all these messes, the group puts the people of Tigray state at risk in particular and exposed the nation to huge loss in general, he noted.

“The group is fighting for its own benefit and the people of Tigray need to be aware of this and protect their interests. They need to uproot the criminal group in unison.”

The main objective in which the federal government entered the region was to enforce rule of law and hold those who breached constitution accountable. These missions were completed successfully.

The Ethiopian Herald July 4/2021

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