Terrorist Junta is No Longer an Existential Threat!

July 4, 2021

Recently, Ethiopia has declared a unilateral ceasefire considering the objectives of the law enforcement operation, concerns of the people of Tigray and the international community. Significantly, Ethiopia has currently the most priority national agenda like filling the second phase of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Hence, it is less essential for the National Defense Force to stay at Mekelle.

Rightly, the government has efficiently met its objectives in the course of law enforcement operation. Despite its remnants’ propaganda, the Junta is no longer an existential threat to the well-being of the nation. And yet, the ceasefire has been supported not only by citizens but also by the international communities.

Prominently, the operation was successful! Following the fruitful accomplishment of the mission, the government decided to withdraw the National Defense Force from Mekelle. Here it should be underscored that the Ethiopian government took this measure realizing the benefits of the people of Tigray unlike the baseless propaganda of the Junta’s remnants and activists. These wicked groups continued spreading untrue narration.

Earlier, the government had passed through ups and downs before it took an alternative measure, conducting law enforcement action. The patience the government had demonstrated for long ought to be appreciated. It had persistently tried to solve every dispute through peaceful negotiations while the Junta constantly refused all the peace-offerings. Because of its malicious nature, it ignored all peaceful approaches and dishonored even the religious fathers and elders who begged it for negotiations and discussion. As its principal nature is totally against peace and stability, it failed to appreciate government’s effort for encourage peaceful initiations.

It did not only reject repeated invitations for peace but also it continued undertaking ceaseless destruction and killings. Thus, the only way to stop the then unending annihilation across the country was to undertake the law enforcement operation. It is interestingly evident that soon after the law enforcement operation, relative stability and peace became palpable.

As the intended mission of the operation was effectively achieved and the Junta lost its military strategies and it will no longer be a threat to the sovereignty of the nation, the decision of the federal government to withdraw its force out of the region will undeniably benefit the people of Tigray in particular. As long as the government does not have special interest in the region, taking measures that would only prioritize the interests of the Tigray people is a responsible and sensible decision.

Few days after the ceasefire, the Junta unfortunately continued to undertake its destructive activities at Mekelle. It has destroyed bridges and other infrastructures as well as killed citizens. Because of these, humanitarian aid agencies and organizations could not easily access to distribute the aid. Cognizant of this, the government stated that the Junta is solely responsible for the ongoing problem in the state. Though it is presently creating a widespread problem to the region, because of its current state, it will no longer be a threat to the nation as it had lost its entire military strategies.

In short, the government’s unilateral ceasefire is the proper and timely decision for the well-being of the Tigray people though the Junta continues denying the benefits. Likewise, the Junta must be prevented from damaging the public infrastructure and killing the innocent citizens for its wicked political gains.

The Ethiopian Herald July 4/2021

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