Premier Congratulates Ethiopians

July 11, 2021


ADDIS ABABA- Congratulating Ethiopians over the results of the 6th General Elections yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) said it is the people of Ethiopia who come out victorious in the elections.

The premier also applauded political parties that involved in the election overcoming various challenges.

He said the 6th General Elections have been unique in that the elections were conducted with an independent entity, the National Election Board of Ethiopia.

The election’s credibility is unprecedented as various actors including the media, civil societies, Human Rights Commission and courts transparently followed the event.

 “I would like to stress that contending political parties and their leaders’ would have a wide role in government administration and public services. ”

 The premier vowed that his party would serve the public with utmost commitment focusing on issues including in building capable institutions, creating common consensus and common vision among the people, prevailing morality and ethics as well as realizing development feats.

The Ethiopian Herald July 11/2021

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