Historical, Responsible Commitment to Restore Tigray Region!

July 3, 2021

The government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia led by the ever intellectual and reformist leader Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad (PhD) was forced to wage war on the treasonous and terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) junta by its irresponsible and merciless action against the an armed soldiers in the deadliest night of November 4, 2020.

Although the terrorist group massacred over a thousand innocent Ethiopians besides the murdering hundreds of the members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces in the Northern Command, the government has been exerting its responsibility lawfully to enhance peace and security in Tigray region.

Thanks to the disciplined Ethiopian soldiers, the terror threats proposed by the TPLF junta against the territorial sovereignty and integrity are doomed after the defense forces’ selflessly and responsibly fought the junta’s leaders and militias.

As a result, the federal government has made a historical decision by determining the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire.

Throughout the history of the nation, Ethiopia has never ceased to exist. May be weakened or shrank time to time, but always finds its way back together honoring its history with colorful victories and glories for which it decided to cease the fire orchestrated by the treasonous  terrorist TPLF Junta.

The government made the choice only to benefit the people of Tigray. And it has already been doing its assignment to rehabilitate the Tigray region in a sustainable manner. For instance, it has invested over 100 billion Birr in the last eight months on restoring the infrastructures such as electricity, road, water and telecommunications besides the schools, health institutions and other service sectors.

In contrary to this, the Junta, shielding itself under the innocent children, women and youths of the Tigray people, has been destroying the basic development resources which it has recently repeated by damaging the Tekeze River Bridge even after two days since the declaration of the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire.

Similarly, the government has been providing over the 70 percent of the food and non-food humanitarian aids accessed to the 4.5 million Tigray people. It has also enabled over 100 humanitarian aid partners, 202 UN agencies’ representatives and 8 international media to freely move in the region in order to enhance the wellbeing of the Tigray people ahead the ceasefire. But they have not been providing the required amounts of supports needed to enhance the government services rather than advocating the fake accuses of the TPLF junta.

In addition to this, the government has also  supplied seeds and equipment to 1.2 million farmers to restore agricultural development in the region although the purposeless terrorist group has been destroying and robbing the financial and material resources from the poor farmers.

The government did unquestionably right by enhancing the preparation of the 950,000 hectares of farmland which has been developed by small-scale farmers every year for this rainy season in Tigray State before deciding the unilateral ceasefire.

As well, currently, the government has stored around 400,000 quintals of wheat, 2.3 million liters of edible oil and additional milk powder in Mekelle warehouses. However, the question remains, will the remnants and its allies enable the people to use them and if not who will be responsible?

Therefore, the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire that the Government of Ethiopia has declared was done responsibly and intellectually for the benefits of the innocent Tigray people as it lets farmers employ the planting season undisturbed. And the humanitarian operators in the region would exploit the opportunity created for unfettered access to scale-up support to the people in the region.

The Ethiopian Herald July 3/2021

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