Haiti's Senate Indefinitely Postponed Joseph Lambert Takeover

Joseph Lambert (L) and Jovenel Moise (R) during a political meeting in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Onz_11

11 July 2021

Senators appointed Lambert as they think Claude Joseph lacks legitimacy after being replaced on July 5, 2021.

On Saturday, Haiti's Senate delayed the presidential takeover of the newly appointed interim President of the Republic Joseph Lambert.

The act was expected to take place on Saturday afternoon, but some senators asked to reschedule the event. However, no specific date was agreed for the presidential takeover.

Eight out of the ten active Senators of the Caribbean country chose Lambert as interim President against the will of the current government led by Claude Joseph.

The Senate remains the only elected body in the country, but it is lacking of quorum since Jan. 2020, when Moise dissolved the legislative.

Senators appointed Lambert as they think Claude Joseph lacks legitimacy since former President Jovenel Moise signed a decree replacing him just two days before being assassinated.

However, Claude Joseph took power and now seems to be backed by the Police, the Armed Forces, and some members of the international community like the U.S. and the United Nations (UN).

The poorest country in the Americas has been suffering a political crisis for years, and the last events will certainly deepen it. The Army is deployed in the streets, and no definitive political solution has come up to fill the vacuum of power created after the magnicide.

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