Ethiopian Authorities Confirm TPLF Blocked Aid Route Via Afar Region

July 20, 2021


A day after news of aid trucks blocked by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Fact Check Task Force on Tuesday confirmed that what it called a terrorist attack by TPLF blocked the Afar route. 

In a brief statement, the Task Force said, “In the past three days, TPLF committed terrorist attacks, blocking the road on 189 trucks carrying food and non-food aid to Tigray via Afar where the vehicles were forced to stop. The attacks took place in Ferentisu Yalo Woreda, zone four of the Afar Region.” 

Reports have been emerging that the TPLF took the war to the Afar region of Ethiopia, where it massacred dozens of civilians. More than 30,000 residents have been reportedly displaced from the area that came under the TPLF control earlier this week. 

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