DroneShield Supplies RfOne MKII Long-Range Sensors to the Australian Army

 DroneShield RfOne passive far-range drone detection sensors on an Australian Army vehicle (photo : DroneShield)

Sydney, Australia - DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield" or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has sold a quantity of its RfOne MKII long-range sensors to the Australian Army. The capability is being delivered immediately to allow the Australian Army to assess its future counter-drone requirements and options.

The deployment of these long-range sensors will highlight the flexibility, resilience, and capabilities of DroneShield equipment in a dynamic field environment, while also assisting the Australian Army in establishing its counter drone requirements and future capability options.RfOne MKII is the latest stationary RF detection product, delivering long range and highly accurate drone detection and tracking capabilities (photo : DroneShield)

The sale was structured as a one-off sale to the Australian Army, and, similar to the standard purchases from DroneShield’s other defence and law enforcement customers, comprises a small purchase of equipment. While the size of the sale is financially immaterial, it is considered to be material from a growth perspective as it is expected to lead to larger procurements, once the equipment from the earlier purchase has been fielded for a period of time.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, commented, “As an Australian company, DroneShield is immensely proud to support the Australian Army with its long-range counter-drone strategy.”

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