The Royal Thai Army Signs a Contract for the Third C295W

Airbus said in a statement that the Thai Ministry of Defense has signed an agreement to supply one additional C295W, including three of the existing C295W, which will be delivered in 2023, which will be used in general, passenger, powerlifting missions. paratroopers, paratroopers and medical evacuation

Yohan Pelissier, Airbus Defense and Space's Southeast Asia Director, said: “The additional aircraft order from Thailand's Ministry of Defense demonstrates continued confidence in its transport capabilities. Proven military Airbus aircraft.”“The C295 is now popular in Asia-Pacific due to its modular design. As well as maneuverability and durability, it also has low operating costs compared to other platforms in its class. This was a good opportunity for the military. We look forward to seeing the growth of the C295 fleet in the region.”

This agreement brings the total number of C295 orders in the Asia-Pacific region to 25 aircraft.This acquisition is the result of the Army canceling the supply of aircraft to transport important personnel or #Gulfstream G500 VIP aircraft, valued at 1,348.5 million baht, which TAF has published for the first time. And there are criticisms on the suitability of the procurement. Both high-performance aircraft and can fly as far as Europe. which is probably more than necessary for use.Later, the Army Commander said The Royal Thai Army has considered converting the Gulfstream G500 procurement program to a C-295W medium transport aircraft instead.


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