Robbers in Mekelle, Tigray Region, Use Ethiopian Defense Force, Federal Police Uniforms

June 11, 2021 


Rising crime rate and security situation were among the key challenges in the post- TPLF Tigray.  Armed robbery and murder among the security challenges residents in cities like Mekelle were facing. 

A report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) indicates the situation is changing for the better.

Gebreegziabhier Hailu is head of the Mekelle City security office (of the provisional administration). He told EBC that most of the armed robbers disguised themselves as members of Ethiopian Defense Force and Federal police when they carried out searches in residential areas on grounds of hunting illegal arms. 

That way they will get access to residential homes and loot valuables including cash and jewelry.  The source said it spoke to residents in different parts of Mekelle city, and they have confirmed that Ethiopian Defense Force and Federal Police uniforms were used for robberies. 

He also told EBC that they have made arrests, but the number is unspecified. “The security situation has improved but there are still challenges,” he added. 

As part of the measure to tackle the security problem, the security chief said that they have recruited youth from neighbourhoods and provided them with community police training. 

So far 1006 youth have been recruited and trained, Mr. Gebreegziabhier said. 

Furthermore, he said that the provisional administration is facing challenges to fully control the security challenge in the city. Shortage of regular police and lack of adequate vehicles for  a 24 hours patrol service are some of them, he said. 

It was reported earlier this week that private and public schools have reopened in Mekelle and other parts of the Tigray region. First they  were closed in connection with the Coronavirus situation, but the closure was extended due to the law enforcement operation in the region. 

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