Interim Administration in Tigray Ethiopia Condemns Terrorists’ Evil Acts

June 26, 2021


ADDIS ABABA – Tigray Interim Adminis­tration has condemned the atrocity carried out on the youth of Tigray aiming to discour­age them from participating in the overall ac­tivities of their country.

In a press release sent to ENA, the Interim Administration said that it will work in coor­dination with the security forces to thwart the wicked deeds carried out targeting the youths of Tigray.

“Tigray will not sacrifice its youths for the devilish act of insurgents.”

Curbing the suffering of innocent people and preventing further loss of life in Tigray should be a humanitarian issue that can be practiced by all. However, contrary to this reality, observing activities that deviate from the social norms and humanity is saddening, the statement further remarked.

The interviews, that have been arranged by some militant group leaders and dissemi­nated through various social and other media outlets serially with regard to military opera­tions in Tigray State, are perilous narratives designed to execute their own ill intents and victimize innocent people of Tigray.

The brutal killing of Engineer Embiza Ta­desse who was forcedly abducted by un­known forces two days ago was mentioned as one of the showcases for the elements’ devil­ish act.

The Engineer was abducted while he was readying to head from his office to Alula Aba Nega Airport. The deceased was found in a manner his identity is unidentifiably because his body was eaten by beasts, the statement elucidates.

It is important to note that the Interim Admin­istration will jointly work with concerned se­curity bodies to curb the challenges as it un­derstands that the attacks targeted the youths who are actively working and making good efforts towards their regional and national is­sues with positive mentality.

Though the Administration was striving to discharge its responsibility to end up further loss of life and sufferings of people in Tigray with genuine attitude and all-encompassing efforts, those terrorists used the opportunity and continued orchestrating and performing atrocities activities.

According to the statement, the Administra­tion has found evidences on the people who collaborated in the shameful incident that took the life of the young man.

The Administration also pledges to hold speedy, thorough investigation on the wrong­doers, and take firm corrective punishments.

Extremely condemning the attacks that are perpetrated over the past consecutive months against Engineer Embiza Tadesse and on those innocent service delivery professionals; The Tigray Interim Administration extends its heartfelt condolences to their families, colleagues and beloved ones, the statement added.

The Ethiopian Herald June 26/2021

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