Former Sudan Security Agent Sentenced to Hang for Student's December 2018 Murder

28 JUNE 2021

Radio Dabanga (Amsterdam)

Khartoum — The Special Court convened to try the perpetrators of crimes related to the Sudanese revolution, has sentenced a former member of the defunct National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) to death by hanging, for the murder of Hassan Mohammed Omar during a mass protest in Khartoum on December 25, 2018.

At the Institute of Judicial Sciences in Khartoum on Sunday, the Special Court presided over by Appeal Court Judge El Sadig Abkar Adam, convicted Ashraf El Tayyib (known as Abgaika) of premeditated murder and crimes against humanity under articles No 130 and 186 of the Criminal Law.

Doctors from Khartoum who treated demonstrators at the time, confirmed to Radio Dabanga that at the march organised by the Sudan Professionals Association in Khartoum on December 25, 2018 protest, the security forces were "shooting to kill".

This is the first conviction under these articles to be passed down by the court, which was convened to address crimes committed during the mass popular uprising that culminated in the overthrow by military coup of the 30-year dictatorship of Omar Al Bashir.

The court also upheld the request by the victim's family for retribution, provided that the case is submitted to the Supreme Court after the appeal period has elapsed.

The verdict was met with relief by the victim's family and supporters, who gathered outside the courtroom chanting demands for a speedy execution of the sentence.

December revolution

From mid-December 2018, Sudan experienced a popular uprising called-out by the Sudanese Professionals Association and signatories to the Declaration of Freedom and Change, calling for the overthrow of the regime. Demonstrations were met with violent resistance from the government, however the sheer volume of public support resulted in the uprising reaching critical mass. On April 11, the 30-year dictatorship of Omar Al Bashir was overthrown by a military coup.

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