Foes Leafing Through Same Old Playbook’s Pages

June 26, 2021

Those who always dream to consolidate their hegemonic positions in international relations and practices, hoping to beef up themselves at the expense of millions of souls in the developing countries go to refer to an already obsolete playbook that once had been performed very well.

The thing is, the playbook is already known and the actors cannot play anything new this time.

Let’s borrow a rather catchy adage of Benjamin Disraeli who is usually quoted as saying: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” All the three kinds of lies have comfortably been seated in the playbook and deep-seated in the minds of the actors or simply in the long-term memory of Ethiopia’s foes.

They know how to manipulate the international community by creating a mountain out of a molehill using their lies, damned lies and statistics.

What these entities are doing today is that they manufacture sham stories of human sufferings in a given location in Ethiopia, and then they collaborate with their internal partners-in-crime to wrap their falsehoods with deceitful fabrics.

Traitors that work in the guise of professionalism or so-called experts amplify the falsehood via social media, accompanying their lies with doctored pictures and videos. Their allegations then take flesh of statistics and get talked in numbers and percentages both on traditional and new media. The next step is that, particularly the social media posts are taken by the evil-architects and shared on their pages using cliché phrases such as ‘deeply concerned,’ and ‘alarmed by’ and what have you.

Of course, what these foes today are doing is just a mimic of what had been done in the past. No sane mind forgets what the colonial powers did in the past to subjugate the people of Africa and peoples elsewhere in the world. They tagged people with terms like “Barbaric”, “savage”, “native,” and “pagan”. It was easier after that to colonize the natives on the pretext of salvaging them from the darkness. There is no doubting that Ethiopians destroyed the colonial project. But hegemonic powers are still coming with fig leaves be it democracy, development or diplomacy.

In the early 80’s these elements used the pretext of famine to raze the communist government and install the TPLF thugs.

What we are witnessing today is no different.

Phrases such as “famine in Tigray,” “white phoserous use on civilians,” “summary execution,” “airstrike on a marketplace,” are just referred from the same chapter of a much-known playbook. Title of this book could be—taint a gloomy picture of a country or people that are on track to prosperity, create a pariah state, pass laws and sanctions and bring the state or people to their knees and finally install a puppet government.

Tribute to the people of Ethiopia, and their all-weather friends, the well-concerted, well-funded and well-organized campaigns waged against Ethiopia have nose-dived repeatedly.

And the bottom line is-Ethiopians spoken in unison on June 21, 2021. They said: “It’s us that chart out our future, stay away from our internal affairs.”

The Ethiopian Herald June 26/2021

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