Ethiopian Government Announces Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire Following Tigray State’s Request

June 29, 2021 


ADDIS ABABA – The government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire without any precondition in Tigray State until the end of this farming season, the Office of the Prime Minister said.

In a statement yesterday, the PMO indicated that all federal and regional civil and military entities are instructed as of yesterday to respect and enforce the ceasefire based on the details they obtain from the government. It also added that the government would be forced to ensure the rule of law if there are attempts to subvert this provisionaiming at taking any advantages.

Later on the same day, the news of Tigray State Interim Administration Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abrham Belay (PhD) request made for the federal government for a humanitarian ceasefire was released.

The request was made on account of facilitating conditions for the people to carryout agricultural activities, it was learnt.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.), the CEO submitted a proposal a week ago in which he believed would address the problem created by the TPLF.

The request for the humanitarian ceasefire was made following consultations the Administrationsaid hadundertaken with public representatives, members of zonal and bureau leadership, Tigrian people living in different places, Tigrian Scholars, investors and religious fathers.

The 10-point proposal stated that a ceasefire would facilitate conditions for farmers to focus on agricultural activities in the region while paving the way for some factions of the terrorist TPLF that has shown interest to resort to peaceful settlement of the problem. The TPLFremnants are now unable to undertake any major threat, according to the proposal.

The Ethiopian Herald June 29/2021

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