Ethiopian, African Capital Modernizing Fast: Residents

June 27, 2021


ADDIS ABABA – The metropolis has registered remarkable changes over the past three years, and this positive move needs to be well consolidated to have one of the most attractive and modern capital across Africa, Addis Ababa City residents said.

Solomon Ayalew, 70, told The Ethiopian Herald that there have been many vivid changes in the city following the responsible and diligent nature of the leadership.

According to Solomon, the inauguration of Entoto Park, Meskel Square, Friendship Square, Unity Park, and infrastructure development in the city as well as construction of various houses to help the poor get relief during summer are exemplary deeds the reform brought about. Besides, urban agriculture development activities have been well run to produce vegetables, maize and other related yields using the fertile land.

According to Solomon, whenever capable and responsible as well as visionary leaders assume positions, change is inevitable and can put historic footprints on the social, economic and political developments in the capital that can be passed down to the next generation.

“As comprehensive and participatory activities are being carried out in the capital which is most of the time beneficial to the general public, everyone has to develop sense of belongingness in all aspects and play a decisive role in protecting the city and its developments with firm stance,” he underlined.

He further added since Addis is a capital having many resources like historical tourist destinations and various means to generate a range of social-economic benefits thereby coming up with sustainable development as well as help the future generation own attractive and model city, citizens have to realize the change commenced to transform Addis Ababa.

Tsehay Ayele, 26, is a coffee maker around Arat Kilo on her part said that different development activities have been undertaken since the reform in the capital.

According to Tsehay, for example the Sheger Beautification project is of significantly useful in creating a number of job opportunities apart from providing the city with a splendid scene and majestic look. In so doing, many residents have been engaged in a multitude of opportunities.

“Yes, the city has huge natural and manmade potentials to benefit numerous youth to be self-reliant. Therefore, it needs serious attention with regards to proper utilization of natural or human resources. To end this, every citizen should be committed to actively discharge their respective responsibilities to bring about an attractive and productive city,” she underlined.

The Ethiopian Herald June 27/2021

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