Ethiopia Tigray Region Interim Administration Reacts to TPLF Assassinations

June 25, 2021


Tigray region interim administration on Friday said that it will work with security forces to reverse the TPLF terror network targeting youth in the region who are working with administration to address challenges in the region and at the national level. 

The statement came a day after investment office head of the region, Embza Tadesse, was assassinated a day after he was kidnapped in Mekelle.

“The attack targeting Tigray youth actively participating in their region’s and their country affairs intended to frustrate the encouraging start,” the interim administration said. 

It vowed to work with security and intelligence forces in a coordinated manner to reverse the ongoing attack against members of the administration.

Furthermore, the interim administration expressed condolences over the assassination of Embza Tadesse. 

It also recalled the series of assassinations targeting members of the interim administration at different levels of government in the region. It said that he was killed by urban terror cells organized by TPLF. 

Relevant federal government bodies have confirmed last month that more than 20 members of the interim Tigray region administration were killed and over 20 kidnapped. 

The fate of those kidnapped is unknown. 

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