Ethiopia: About 70 Percent Agricultural Land Ready for Farming in Tigray

17 JUNE 2021

The Ethiopian Herald (Addis Ababa)

By Ephrem Andargachew

ADDIS ABABA - About 70 % of agricultural land in Ethiopia's Tigray State has been made ready for Kiremt or Meher (summer) cropping season, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Ministry made the announcement yesterday while briefing journalists on land preparation for farming in the state. At the event, Ministry of Agriculture State Minister Sani Redy indicated the Ministry in collaboration with Tigray Agriculture and Natural Resources Office, Corporative Unions and Local and International partners are now working on restoring and strengthening organizational structure of agriculture sector.

The Ministry has also restarted basic extension services and eco-supply services for the year 2021 cropping season, he further indicated. Accordingly, the ministry has purchased office equipment and vehicles worth 10 million Birr and conducted awareness creation and motivational training for its staffers in the state.

Moreover, agricultural inputs supplies and trainings have been undergoing with agro-calendar in collaboration with all stakeholders. Hence, out of 61 rural Woredas , 56 of them have enabled to engage in routine farming activities.

Currently, the state office of agriculture and natural resources are mobilizing resources for the restoration of agricultural sector up to Zonal, Woreda and Keble levels in the state, the state minister said.

Furthermore, the ministry with development partners is using all options to offer extension services in supplying of basic inputs and machineries, it was learnt. Sani, thus, said that to supply inorganic fertilizers ,the state has allocated 1.8 million Birr and over three hundred twenty-two thousand Quintals both NPS and urea have been transported from port of Djibouti to Mekelle warehouse.

"Agrochemical and agro machineries have been suppled either via purchased or rental with the collaboration of Mekelle University, Private Company and partners." Over 71 million Birr have been also allocating to purchase and supply livestock to farmers which includes improved seeds, he said.

So far, with the joint plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tigray state office of agriculture, other partners and stockholder's 70 percent of 950,000 hectors of land will be expected to be cultivated and 1.5 metric tone of production mainly Sugam, Teff, wheat, Barley, Maize and other crops are expected to be harvested. If the peace and restoration become promising in all Werda of Tigray, the Kiremt or Meher (summer) performance would be in a better of that of 70 percent.

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