Sudan Based TPLF Forces Routed Attempting Entry to Ethiopia, Says EDF

May 14, 2021

TPLF forces based in the Hamdayet region of Sudan were in a mission to facilitate escape for TPLF leaders  


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces that are said to have come from Hamdayet, Sudan, are reportedly routed this week as they attempt to enter Tigray of Ethiopia via Humera. 

Operations Department head within the Ethiopian Defense Force, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, told reporters in the capital Addis Ababa that about 320 forces were routed as they attempted to enter the country.  

About 192 of them have surrendered to the Ethiopian Defense Force and the remaining were entirely annihilated,  according to an update from the Defense Force. 

The TPLF forces who surrendered to the Ethiopia Defense Force

The forces are believed to have, as claimed by the Ethiopian Defense Force, involvement during the Maikadra massacre – where more than 700 people, mostly ethnic Amhara were hacked to death in early November as the TPLF forces lost the war for the Ethiopian Defense Forces. Most of the key TPLF leaders are either killed during the war or captured, and arrested. 

They were given a mission to deliver communication devices,medicine and other supplies to the TPLF leaders who were said to be hiding somewhere in Tigray along the direction of the Ethio-Sudan Border, said the news update from the defense force. 

According to Brig. Gen. Tesfaye, individuals who were in the United States working for the Ethiopian government but later deserted and traveled to Sudan were involved in coordinating the TPLF military mission that was tasked to help TPLF leaders escape to Sudan. 

Several radio communication devices, satellite phones, medicine and drugs are seized from those who were captured during the military operation along the Ethiopia Sudan border.  Among the items seized are 103 motorola radio, and 2 samsung international mobile telephone. 

The preparation for the military mission took place in  Hamdayet, Sudan, where tens of thousands of Ethiopians are staying as refugees. 

Sudan has invaded Ethiopian territories – in some places up to 50 kilometers deep in the Ethiopian border – after November 4 as the Ethiopian Army based in the region was withdrawn due to what the government calls law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The United States has been putting pressure on Ethiopia to end what it calls “conflict in Tigray” and open up for a political dialogue. 

Earlier this week, International Humanitarian Organizations dispatched aid from Sudan to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Activists on social media warn the Ethiopian government to reinforce checkpoints and thoroughly check trucks to ensure that they are not smuggling devices and other supplies to the TPLF  which has claimed that it is in a guerrilla war against “Prosperity Party forces” – as they call it. 

Early this month, Ethiopia designated TPLF as a terrorist organization.

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