Rheinmetall Presents the New Generation of HX3 Vehicles


With the HX3, Rheinmetall has presented the latest generation of its HX trucks, which have been tried and tested around the world. The future-proof military truck, which thanks to new technologies meets military and automotive megatrends, has been redesigned from the ground up. Among other things, users expect improved protection, further increased mobility, greater driving comfort and a digital interface architecture for an even more flexible range of applications and future increases in performance. At the same time, the valued core strengths of the HX2 and the family concept are retained.

Like their predecessors, the vehicles of the new HX3 generation are uncompromisingly designed as "Military off the Shelf" products for military use under the toughest operating conditions - a unique selling point in the industry. In addition to the robust chassis and the powerful engines, there is an optional new active rear axle suspension, which significantly improves the road and off-road mobility of the vehicle.

Even more than ever before, the new HX3 generation embodies the idea of ​​a platform for both logistical and tactical deployment scenarios. The HX3 will basically be available in the versions 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 and will be characterized by an even greater variety of variants and systems. Its classic role as a logistics vehicle can be further enhanced by the availability of new systems such as the fully automatic ALHS (Automated Load Handling System) or the torsion-free intermediate frame UTRS (Universal Torsion-Resistant Subframe). In addition, the HX3 is even more suitable than before as a system carrier for complex weapon or radar systems. These include, for example, truck-based artillery systems, which are likely to gain significantly greater importance in the next few years.

With its completely redesigned cab, the HX3 offers even greater user-friendliness and occupant protection. Thanks to the various assistance systems, it ensures more safety in everyday use, for soldiers as well as for the civilian environment. A completely redesigned electronic and electrical (EE) architecture and assistance systems such as Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), adaptive cruise control (Adaptive Cruise Control / ACC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) ensure the future viability of the Vehicle - especially with regard to autonomous driving. Thanks to standardized interfaces, technologies available in the future, such as truck platooning or other automated applications, can be integrated.

The HX3 vehicles are optionally available with an armored cabin, the protection of which can be expanded modularly. In addition, the new generation of vehicles has a new digital camouflage mode in addition to the conventional one. If necessary, all transmission and reception functions can be switched off in order to reduce the vehicle's digital signature. For active self-defense, there is now space for weapon stations with heavy armament on the reinforced roof. In addition, additional options are available for the installation of further active and passive protection systems, such as the ROSY (Rapid Obscuring System) or the active distance protection system ADS (Active Defense System) from Rheinmetall.

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