EU’s Decision Undermines Ethiopia Sovereignty, Violates Principle: Scholar

May 9, 2021

ADDIS ABABA – European Union’s (EU) attempt to delegitimize Ethiopian parliamentary election undermines the sovereignty of the country and it is also against the block’s Code of Conduct, according to a renowned scholar. The scholar Professor Al Mariam G. Mariam told local media that the EU’s demand to deploy VSAT technologies and its demand to issue a statement on the election results prior to the Electoral Board violates of Ethiopian laws and its own Code of Conduct.

As to him, the block has made an unacceptable attempt to pressure the Ethiopian government to compromise its sovereignty, independence and right to self-determination. Al Mariam forwarded that the EU’s decision to cancel sending of its election observation mission to Ethiopia is a conspiracy game to delegitimize the election.

Also, the EU’s request to install its own VSAT aims to spread disinformation about the election or deliver the equipment to terrorists in Tigray to destabilize Ethiopia. The EU’s ambition to issue a preliminary statement on the result of the election is a desperate need to be the sole source of reliable election information and shape public opinion, he added.

“EU’s stand showcases its post-colonial ambition to dominate Africa and the black through fabricated pseudo- democracy to manipulate a democracy of African people, by African people.” The EU notion stating that Ethiopian elections cannot possibly be free and fair unless the EU observes is superficial, the scholar stressed.


The Ethiopian Herald May 9/2021

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