“EU Used to Observe Sham Elections in Ethiopia”: Andargachew Tsige

May 9, 2021 

ADDIS ABABA— The European Union (EU) used to deploy election observation delegations during the EPDRF sham elections thus its recent cancellation of sending election observers to the 6th General Elections is a mockery to democracy, veteran politician and ESAT media Manager Andargachew Tsige said.

Andargachew told the Ethiopian Press Agency that Ethiopia is now ready to hold credible elections in its entire history, but the block decided not to send observers because it feared that a government which would be disobedient and in-submissive to EU countries may assume power.

The EU has been sending observers to monitor the previous elections since it was offered the opportunity to insert their evil wills through the aids, they have been providing through their fake aid organizations, he recalled adding: “Now, however, they have decided to withdraw their observations, fearing that a government that will not listen to them and will not bow to their interests will come.”

“They have never worried for the enhancement of democratic elections in Ethiopia,” he pointed out reminding that the five previous elections were undemocratic and fictitious. “Hadn’t the nation had a free media and an impartial election board, they would not have been able to observe the Ethiopian democratic process,” he said.

Instead, Andargachew pointed out that it gave them the freedom to interfere in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. “But now the main reason why the member states are refusing to observe the election is that they have understood that there is no more room for them to interfere in the internal affairs.”

The politician further reasoned out that EU’s refusal to election observation is that the member states want to hide their main agenda and blame the Ethiopian government because their main goal is to bring the buried TPLF to the negotiation table and share power.

“Their desire is to bring a body that doesn’t want to compete in a democratic and peaceful manner, weaken the unity of the people, create chaos and violence, and establish a weak government,” he underscored.


The Ethiopian Herald May 9/2021

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