Ethiopia: Council Urges EU to Reconsider Election Observation Stance

Voters at the polls (file photo).

8 MAY 2021

The Ethiopian Herald (Addis Ababa)

The Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council urged European Union to reconsider its stance and observe the 6th Ethiopian general elections. Briefing journalists after a two-day consultative meeting with its members, Council Chairperson Rahel Batie (Ph.D.) said that the contending political parties have made in-depth discussion to make the upcoming pre, during and post-election processes peaceful, fair and to receive trust of all parties.

The political parties finally agreed to participate in the election through making themselves accountable and responsible, work to ensure solidarity among Ethiopians and the government is also expected to make the election free and fair and a foundation for democratization in Ethiopia.

Concerning election observers, any interested local and international entity can observe the election, create enabling conditions for the election to be credible and democratic and observers have to move respecting the constitution and sovereignty of the country.

Appreciating the interest of the EU to observe the election, the council urged the union to resume its stance and play its observatory role. Considering the challenges the nation has faced and election observers' legal right, the Ethiopian government would hopefully see its way keeping the country's sovereignty intact.

The council respects the stance of the EU to observe the election or not, but it has to make its reason public. The council finally urged all parties to contribute their share to the effort geared towards making the upcoming election free, fair, democratic and willing the confidence of all parties.


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