Chinese People’s Liberation Army Support for Ethiopian Defense Force

May 14, 2021

Chinese ambassador to Ethiopia sees prospect for even stronger partnership between Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Ethiopian Defense Force  


Chinese People’s Liberation Army donated COVID-19 vaccination to the Ethiopian Defense Force, as reported by Ethiopian News Agency. 

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan, on Friday handed over delivery to Kenea Yadeta, Minister for Defense. 

Mr. Zhao sees the donation as a demonstration of strong relations between the two countries.  

He said the Chinese army overcame serious challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic, and that the donation is made with the intention to protect members of Ethiopian Defense Forces from the pandemic. 

Ethiopian and Chinese army cooperation area is broad, and that multifaceted strategic partnership will be strengthened in the future, Mr. Zhao is cited as saying.  

China offers, although an unspecified number, post graduate degree scholarship opportunities for members of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Furthermore, the Chinese ambassador said that his country will support the construction of a high tech hospital in Ethiopia , and that it is also closely working in cooperation with Ethiopia in other realms. 

The source did not specify about the amount of vaccination donation that the Ethiopian Defense Force received. 

Ethiopian Defense Minister, Kenea Yadeta, expressed gratitude for the Chinese support in the form of COVID-19 vaccination, and also for Chinese support to Ethiopia at the UN Security Council, as indicated in the ENA report.  

The US and its allies have been trying to put pressure on Ethiopia via the United Nations Security Council in connection with Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

There had been claims of genocide in the Tigray region of Ethiopia linked to Ethiopian and Eritrean troops.

Ethiopia and China have over 50 years of diplomatic relation.

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