Vietnam Frigate Performs Combat Drills at Spratly Archipelago


A Vietnamese frigate has performed combat drills along with an anti-submarine helicopter near the Spratly Islands.016 Quang Trung, equipped with rockets and stealth capabilities, is used to combat submarines and other warships, Vietnam Television said on Sunday.

Ka-28 helicopters carried out emergency landing drills."On the Spratly Islands, combat preparations are at the highest levels," the national broadcaster added.016 Quang Trung, commissioned in 2018, carries a lot of modern Russian weaponry and camouflage technologies like radar-absorbing paint.Its main weaponry includes eight 3M24E rockets with a 130-km range, an AK-176MA gun and other rocket-gun combinations.It is also capable of carrying a Ka-28 helicopter for anti-submarine warfare.

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