RTAF Decommissioning F-16A/B and L-39ZA/ART Aircraft

 Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) was formal decommissioning ceremony for two Lockheed Martin F-16B Block 15 OCU serial 10321 of 103rd Squadron and F-16A Block 15 ADF serial 10207 of 102nd Squadron, Wing 1 Korat in 30 March 2021 (photo : RTAF)

Royal Thai Air Force has performed the decommissioning ceremony of fighter aircraft and training, Aero Vodochody L-39ZA/ART Albatros, Squadron 41, Wing 41, Chiang Mai, the last 5 aircraft on March 31, 2021.One day before in addition, there was a ceremony for the withrawal of fighter planes F-16B Block 15, No. 10321 Squadron 103 and Fighter Aircraft F-16A ADF No. 10207, Squadron 102 , which is likely to be the first set of the two batch to withdrawal.

According to the plan of the White Paper Book of the Royal Thai Air Force 2020 there is a need for new fighter jets, 12 substitutes for part 102 squadrons and 12 substitutes for part 103 squadrons, which should begin in a year 2023 if there is no postponement.

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