Kenyans Fume Over US$2bn Loan

09 APR, 2021 - 00:04  

NAIROBI. –  Angry Kenyans on Tuesday took to social media to protest a US$2,34 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan to Kenya, arguing that the East African country is already overburdened with loans.

Over 160 000 Kenyans have signed an online petition, asking the IMF to cancel the recently approved loan as previous disbursements to Kenya have been lost in corruption scandals and remain unpaid. 

Saalim Gooner, a Facebook user, posted on the official IMF Facebook page, asking: “Why are you approving loans to this irresponsible government of Kenya? You are sinking our economy deeper.”

Finance Minister Ukur Yatani came out to defend the loan, saying that the money was needed to support small businesses and “forestall a greater humanitarian crisis”. – Anadolu.

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