Terrifying moment American Idol contestant, Funke Lagoke fainted on stage while being judged [video]

American Idol contestant Funke Lagoke was rushed to the hospital after she fainted on Monday night's episode.

Lagoke's fall happened while she was receiving feedback from the judges after her performance with fellow contestant and duet partner Ronda Felton.

In a clip from the episode, Lagoke's hands can be seen shaking while Lionel Richie talks about their performance of "Tell Him," before she fell head-first on the stage.

Richie, Luke Bryan and medical staff rushed to the stage, with Bryan commenting that "she busted her chin y'all."

The show later put up a title card revealing that Lagoke had been "treated for dehydration and released from the hospital."

"She will return for the showstopper round," the statement added.

Lagoke's duet partner Felton was in tears during the whole ordeal.

Richie, 71, told the performer that she and Lagoke had both advanced to the next round.

"Both of you deserve to go through," he said. "I want you to know, congratulations, okay? I know that was traumatic, okay? But we're here for you. We're family, okay?"

Despite the happy news, Felton was focused on making sure her duet partner was okay.

"She's gotta get some stitches," Bryan, 44, said.

Katy Perry added, "But she's gonna come back tomorrow and she's gonna be singing for showstopper."

"I'm just worried about her health more than anything. I feel like that's the number one important thing right now," Felton said in a confessional. "I just want her to know that I love her, that I care about her. I want her to be okay."

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