Australia Selects Saab 9LV Combat System for New Vessels

 With this announcement means Saab’s CMS will be equipped on six of the RAN’s classes of vessels: Anzac, Canberra, Supply, Arafura, Mine Countermeasures and Military Survey Vessels (image : NavalNews)Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price has confirmed the selection of the Saab 9LV combat system for the RAN’s planned mine warfare vessels and survey vessels.

To be based on the same Luerssen OPV80 design as that of the Navy’s planned 12 Arafura class offshore patrol vessels, the new vessels will be the fifth and sixth vessel classes in the RAN to operate Saab’s combat system.“We’re proud this expansion will now see us equip six of the Royal Australian Navy’s classes of vessels: ANZAC, Canberra, Supply, Arafura, Maritime Mine Countermeasures, and Military Survey Vessels,” a SAAB statement on LinkedIn reads. “In addition, we are also delivering the Australian Interface for the Hunter class frigates and Hobart class destroyers.”

The Commonwealth announced in January 2021 that the new mine warfare and survey ships would be based on the same design as that of the Arafura class, although has not yet specified how many of each vessel will be required nor when they will be built.

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