25 year-old woman dies of electric shock after her phone fell in bath while charging

Office worker Anastasia Scherbinina, 25, died from a massive electric shock after using her smartphone in the bath.

The Russian woman was charging her phone when she was electrocuted at her home in Novosibirsk, say reports.

She had previously worked as an aide to a local MP.

The tragedy follows warnings from the Russian authorities and police following a succession of deaths from electric shock by young people using phones in baths.

“She took a bath before going to sleep, and had her smartphone with her,” said a report citing law enforcement.

 “It was almost out of charge, so she used a power cable, so as not to be apart with the smartphone even when taking a bath.

“She dropped the phone and was electrocuted.

"She died instantly.”

Police are understood to be investigating the circumstances of her death.

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