The Royal Thai Navy will be Supplied by Five Mobile Manpads 4x4 Anti-Aircraft Missiles

 The Dzhigit support launching unit (SLU) is designed for a single operator to mount, aim and launch two Igla or Igla-S MANPADS missiles in salvo or successively at one target (photo : KBM)

Naval Ordnance Department, Royal Thai Navy announced to acquire 5 of Mobile Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile on 4x4 vehicles for RTN Naval Air and Coastal Defense Command.Naval Ordnance Department it intends to purchase a mobile short-range anti-aircraft missile to enhance the capability of the anti-aircraft command and maintain the coast. The air defense to cover 5 sets of military key areas, using operation  budget of 246 million baht period 1 year (fiscal year 2021). It is understood that Thai Datagate will be the distributor for the Igla-S ground-to-air missile, the shoulder-mounted anti-air missile system in use by the Thai Army or maybe it was Russia's newest Verba ground-to-air missile.

The Datagate is likely to equip with a Dzhigit-style launcher that can accommodate two Igla-S missiles, which can be mounted on a truck or mounted on the ground. While the only armored 4x4 vehicle that would be a platform carriage mounted to the weapon mount was unknown at this time.

Chinese company CVIC (China Vanguard Industry Corp) is likely to be a distributor of Vanguard-type shoulder-fired missile weapons systems, such as the QW-18 that ACDC (Air and Coastal Defence Command) already has in use and the QW-2 used in it. In the Royal Thai Air Force we found the modified cars of Type 51 4x4 as a base car for firing.

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