Students with no face mask turned back from Ilorin schools

Schools in Ilorin, Kwara State today turned back students who were not wearing face masks.

Though the students’ population was low on the first day of resumption of schools in the state, yet the few students and their teachers adhered to Covid-19 protocol.

At the Ilorin Grammar School, students who didn’t wear face mask were turned back at the gate of the school. Soap and water were placed at the entrance for students to wash their hands.

Students turn out at Baboko Community Secondary School, Ilorin, on the first day of resumption was very low too.

The few that resumed were seen cleaning the school premises and arranging some classes.

The Principal of the Senior section of the school, Mr Kadiri Mustapha said that some of the unused classes were being arranged for the students so that they would Observe the social distance protocol.

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