RNZN Frigate System Upgrade (FSU)


The FSU project is a significant mid-life upgrade of the New Zealand ANZAC frigates’ combat system encompassing the replacement, addition, and/or modification of the majority of the combat system equipment and associated spaces.

The FSU Project will increase the ships’ combat capability and utility commensurate with the modern threat environment. To an observer, the most noticeable element of the FSU solution will be the replacement of the forward and aft masts on the ANZAC frigates, which will support many of the new sensors.AMT (Australian Maritime Technologies Pty Ltd) has been a key design and integration partner for the FSU Project from its beginning. AMT worked closely with the New Zealand MoD Project Team to develop and derisk the initial concepts. This role has developed through AMT working as part of the Crown Team to develop the Concepts to the Preliminary Design stage.

After the completion of the Preliminary Design in 2015, AMT was then contracted by the Prime Contractor (Lockheed Martin Canada) to undertake the detailed design for the complete FSU ship integration.

During the detail design AMT worked closely with the implementation shipyard to ensure that the level of detail produced in the design package is optimised and focussed on that necessary to support the production process and build process, while minimising the time required to install the FSU solution. CDR for the lead ship was successfully completed in early May 2017 with Prefabrication in Victoria Shipyard in Canada commencing in late 2017.

AMT will provide design personnel on-site during the production period, to support and assist the shipyard.

About Australian Maritime Technologies (AMT)

AMT was originally established under the name of Blohm + Voss Australia in 1987, to become the in-country designers of the ANZAC Class Frigates during the Design and Build through the 1990’s. This was the ideal base upon which AMT has grown to now apply its design and engineering expertise to the full range of naval platforms within Australia and also to other Government agencies operating maritime platforms.

As an engineering consultancy AMT is proud to deliver in its role as a Service Provider, but we are far more comfortable in providing our services as a Solution Provider.

AMT excels in undertaking bodies of naval design and engineering work in support of Customer needs, be that in engineering assessments, design configuration change, vessel conversions, modernisations, or in support of new design in acquisition programs. AMT applies it resources as appropriate to the job from its naval architecture and structural design, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and Systems Integration departments.

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