Thai Army Prepares to Procure Additional M361 ATMMs


Army Preparation a 120-mm self-propelled mortar launcher mounted on a 4-wheel truck at the third stage. Which is a mortar launcher developed in the country itself.

The self-propelled mortar launcher M361 ATMM is the work of the development of  Weapons Creation Center, Center for Defense Industry and Military Energy, Ministry of Defense or NESDB, receiving technology from the Spear mortar launcher from Elbit System, Israel, and installed on a truck TATA 715c 4 × 4 -okf 2.5 tonnes of TATA Motor, India. With the control system and automatic fire control system at the company level Control and command system Target search system for the front surveillance group and a laser thermal camera.The Army has already procured in two phases, namely Phase One in 2019, procuring 10 vehicles to serve at # 1 Infantry Center and nine designated heavy mortar launcher companies in the Regiment, the second phase is to supply 12 systems, and the third phase in FY2021 provides another 12 and contains information that may Installed a 120 mm mortar  launcher, type M132A1, that SAEET has the ability to produce by itself. In total, there are likely to be 22 systems in operation until this year.

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