RTA's 6th Infantry Division Receives Rafael’s SPIKE Missile systems

 Earlier this year, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems supplied the Royal Thai Army (RTA) a supply of SPIKE MR - medium range - missiles for its 6th Infantry Division.

SPIKE MR is an electro-optical Fire & Forget missile, and is part of the wider SPIKE missile family, consisting of the SR, MR, LR2, ER2, NLOS variants of electro-optical, multi-purpose, multi-platform missiles, with ranges of up to 32km and fire-and-update capabilities.

To date, SPIKE has been sold to 35 countries, including 19 NATO nations, with over 33,000 missiles already supplied and more than 6,000 fired in tests and in combat. SPIKE missiles have been integrated onto 45 different vehicular, helicopter and naval platforms.

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