First Picture of Royal Thai Air Force RTAF S-70i Helicopter


There are additional low-resolution photos of the Sikorsky S-70i helicopter in the aircraft factory. That is equipped with Weather Radar at the head of the machine In camouflage, light gray, marked with Thai tricolor flag and the English letters 'Royal Thai Air Force' and the Thai language 'Air Force' .

Even if the time and place are not specified but from the labeling 'Experimental' on both sides of the pilot seat windows, aircraft registration form before delivery and the surrounding environment It is understood to have been taken at the US Sikorsky Aircraft Plant in Stratford, Connecticut.

The Royal Thai Air Force has ordered five S-70i helicopters directly from the US Sikorsky, it is the latest Sikorsky helicopters to enter service in the Royal Thai Air Force following the 10 Sikorsky S-92A Squadron 2011 Royal Guard Wing 2.

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