Ex-beauty Queen, Maryam Elisha buys a Range Rover, gets new Lexus SUV gift too [videos]

Ex-beauty Queen, Maryam Elisha has showed off her two new SUVS.

Recall Maryam Elisha three years ago lost her G-Wagon to a fire incident on 3rd mainland bridge.

Sharing videos from the unveiling, she wrote;

''On the 16th of March 2017 i narrowly escaped the cluster of Death at the Eko bridge, my newly bought Gwagon cought fire and was burnt completely, money i had saved for long just to get the kind of car i desire aleast to represent properly as CEO Rikaoto naaa 😂 make i give small level ,was totally put to west ,friends and family members were so upset with me for not completing my on going Omola Estate House and decided to buy such car,alot of gossip among friends that it was an old pimp Gwagon etc instead of thanking God i made it out of that burning fire, i would go for red carpet event with Uber friends will be gossiping that I'm now broke hmmm.

Apparently i had bought this beautiful Black Range Rover from @unique.motors earlier this year but refuse to post ,saying is going to be my secret birthday gift before this pleasant Lexus Suprise hit me this Sunday morning.''

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