Church member narrates the effrontery of an entitled pastor

A church member has shared what allegedly happened in his church yesterday, pointing out how angry he is.

According to him, the church was sending off their Pastor and a sum of N800,000 was given to him.

He said one would have thought the pastor would be appreciative, but he came on the pulpit and slammed the congregation.

Ewo... issa ga!! The trend...

''Something really Annoying happened in Church today and ngl I’m very furious. Some pastors have really nasty attitudes [A Thread]

''I attend a Redeem Church and today was the send forth program for the former Pastor and the Church was able to raise the sum of N800,000 to gift the Outgoing pastor. Y’all won’t believe that this man, came on the pulpit and said he’s highly disappointed in the Current Pastor and

''members of the church cause he expected more from them, this man was expecting the church to give him a million naira or more. Jsyk, the Church in question is just a small, developing church situated in a rural area of Lagos.

''What annoys me the most is that this particular pastor who was saying all sorts, used up the entire funds in the church account before he handed over to the current pastor and he still had the effrontery to say such on the altar.

''Tbvh, I’m very livid and furious because this is the same church that so many members of the congregation are struggling to make ends meet,

''but these members were kind enough to raise the sum of N800,000 and the best this man could do was to lambast the entire congregation?

''Like fgs, if you were so disappointed why did you collect the money?Face with symbols over mouth''

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