Hundreds of Venezuelan refugees stranded on Colombia border

Officials from the Departmental Health Institute (IDS) check the temperature of a group of Venezuelan refugees arriving at the Simon Bolivar border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela, after traveling on buses designated by Colombian Migration office for their return to their country, in Cucuta, Colombia, on April 15, 2020. (Photo by Reuters)

At least 300 Venezuelan migrants are stranded on the Simon Bolivar International Bridge in Cucuta after the Venezuelan government closed the humanitarian corridor.

Among the group of migrants are elderly people, pregnant women, and children who will have to spend the night at the border crossing on the Colombian side.

Thousands of Venezuelans who once sought a better life in Colombia and Ecuador are now seeking to return to their country during the mandatory preventive quarantine decreed by various Latin American countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After Venezuela and Colombia closed their borders, thousands of Venezuelans trying to return find themselves trapped along the Colombian side at the main border crossings such as Cucuta and Arauca.