Yellow Vest protesters say no Macron, Le Pen ahead of EU election

A man holds a French flag during a rally called by the Yellow Vest movement on May 25, 2019 in Amiens, France, on the 28th consecutive Saturday of protests against government policies, high cost of living and tax reforms. (Photo by AFP)
"Yellow vest" protesters who gathered in Paris on Saturday for a 28th round of demonstrations said they were not going to vote for either of France's two leading parties in the upcoming European election.

In France, polls show Marine Le Pen's eurosceptic National Rally could win more support in the election than President Emmanuel Macron's strongly pro-EU Republic on the Move party, which would be a big blow to a president already weakened by six months of "yellow vests" protests.

One protester even said most "yellow vest" did not even want to vote for the parties representing their movement saying they did not want to be politicized.

"By definition, the 'yellow vests' do not want to be represented (in the EU election), because currently they are against a single representation. They want a more participative democracy with another form of democracy," said 65-year old Martine who is retired.

Voting across the 28-nation EU runs from Thursday till Sunday and eurosceptic parties are forecast to do well, including in the three biggest countries of the euro zone, Germany, France and Italy.