Yellow Vest protesters march in Paris for 27th consecutive Saturday

Yellow Vest protesters took to the streets in Paris on Saturday, May 18, for their 27th "act," marking six months since the beginning of their movement against President Emmanuel Macron's reforms.

Macron said on Friday, May 17, that he had done his part to respond to the social grievances of the Yellow Vests and that "democracy does not play out on a Saturday afternoon."

Protesters on Saturday took aim at his statement, saying their main demand of a citizens' initiative referendum was not granted, and neither were their other appeals heeded, such as a re-assessment of salaries and a ban on privatization. Many urged to vote against the list representing Macron's party at the May 26 European elections.The far-right, polling neck and neck with Macron's party, is billing the vote as a referendum on his first two years in office.

The prolonged unrest has forced the president into costly policy concessions such as cutting fuel taxes - putting the brakes on his reform timetable, including an overhaul of the pension system this year.

Six months after the grassroot rebellion erupted over the high cost of living and Macron's perceived indifference toward the plight of working class France, the movement is losing momentum.

The interior ministry pegged participation at just above 1,000 people in Paris and 2,800 people nationwide.