Power cut hits large parts of Venezuela: AFP, social media

A man carries water cooler bottles in a two-wheel handcart during a power outage in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 27, 2019, . (Photo by AFP)
A new blackout across large parts of Venezuela, including the capital, Caracas, forced many to spend another night in the dark on Tuesday, AFP and accounts published on social media said.

The electricity shortage — the biggest in a week — hit a large section of the capital as well as significant areas in at least 20 of the 23 states of Venezuela, according to the same sources.

Power cuts have occurred sporadically since the massive blackout of March 7 left the country in the dark for five days, with electricity being rationed outside of Caracas.

Water supplies have also been interrupted, along with transport and communications, forcing many people to trim their work days to six hours.

The government of President Nicolas Maduro has blamed US-backed sabotage for the massive blackouts that have deprived millions of power, blaming "electromagnetic, cyber, and physical" attacks against the Guri hydroelectric power plant, which produces 80 percent of the country's energy.

The opposition blames a failure to maintain critical infrastructure.