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30/07/2015 - 15:00:56 Jerusalem Time

What Remained of the destroyed / Al-Naghnaghiyya

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Al-Naghnaghiyya is one of the three villages known as “Al-Ghubayyat”, including Al-Ghubayya Al-Fouqa and Al-Ghubayya Al-Tahta. It lies on the northern slopes of a hill overlooking Marj Iben 3amer and the mountains of Nazareth, on the left side of Jenin-Haifa road, 2 km after Megido and Al-Lajoun, then comes 3en Al-Mansi and Al-Mansi, then al-Naghnaghiyya and above it Al-Ghbayya Al-foqa and Al-Ghbayya El-Ta7ta, then Um Shosha, and from there the road continues to Um Al-Zinat and Dalyet Al-Karmel and Haifa.

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